Privacy declaration

Privacy declaration


Elven Ear Games (EEG) thinks privacy must be respected and wants to handle personal data with care. This privacy declaration shows how EEG does this.

Who is Elven Ear Games?
EEG is a sole proprietorship, owned by Thomas Jansen. He designs board- and card games on a small scale and sell them in his webshop. In daily life he is a primary school teacher.

Elven Ear Games
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goal of the collecting of data and duration of saving data
Elven Ear Games only asks personal data which it really needs to send your ordered product. To contact you, also an e-mailadress is needed. When your product is delivered, at the end of the same month, your data will be deleted. EEG only keeps your e-mailadress when you asked to be kept informed about a new product, for example. Whenever you inform EEGl you want this to end, your e-mailadress will be deleted.

The webshop only uses cookies save your shopping cart info.

Receiver data

Only Thomas Jansen can see your data. The data is stored on the servers of, which is where the webshop of EEG is stored.

Your rights

Right to inspect: EEG will always send you your personal data when you ask for it.

Right of rectification: EEG will always change your data when they aren’t correct.

Right to file a complaint: Whenever you want to file a complaint you can do this at autoriteit persoonsgegevens.

Right on transmission:  Whenever you wish to go to another party, you can always ask for transmission of your personal data to this party.

Right to stop the use of data: Whenever you want EEG stop using your data, you can always inform EEG.

Obligated data

Whenever you want to order a product, you will have to leave your personal data. The obligated data are marked with a *. You will be asked about your name, adress and e-mail. These data are needed to deliver your product at your doorstep and keep you informed about your order.


Your personal data are kept within the webshop of EEG. It is secured with a SSL certificate.